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Dentorium has been helping Technicians from all corners of the world to create beautiful smiles for over 60 years.
At Dentorium our commitment is to provide you with the best service at competitive prices, coupled with fast reliable delivery and supported by our experienced team.

We aim to be your partners not just for today but for the future too!

  1. Dentorium Teeth Range

  2. Removables

  3. All Ceramics

  4. Equipment

  5. Crown and Bridge

  6. Digital

  7. Abrasives

Watch & Learn

  • Dentorium Tooth Consignment Demo

  • GC Optiglaze

  • GC Lustre Pastes


  • Renfert Basic Eco Microblaster

  • Renfert MT3 Trimmer

  • Renfert iBooks - Multimedia for your iPad

  • SILENT compact: Switch-on threshold

  • SILENT compact: Emptying Dust Drawer

  • tcs iFlex

  • Tecnoflask by Keystone

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