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Tooth Consignment Tutorial

Order teeth in 3 simple steps with our Tooth Management System.
Watch the tutorial! 

Optiglaze Color

Application of Optiglaze on crown

GC Initial™ IQ Lustre Pastes NF

GC Initial™ IQ Lustre Pastes NF are newly developed 3-dimensional ceramic
pastes, which can be applied in a thicker layer, creating color depth and lifelike

Nature-Cryl Super Hi Impact Technique Training Videos

Click here to watch all Nature-Cryl Technique Training Videos by GC.
GC also include ''tips and tricks'' Part 1 - 3. 

 GC Youtube Nature-cryl video channel.JPG

Renfert Basic Eco Microblaster

Fine sandblasting technology - State of the Art

The patented mixing chamber (venturi principle) and the special IT nozzles provide the following advantages:

-Perfectly even: sandblasting flow, sandblasting pressure and blasting effect
-Efficient sandblasting
-Focussed, effective and safe sandblasting

PerfectView Concept
Many different ideas and techniques have been integrated to provide the Basic unit operator the best possible view of the piece of work.

Renfert MT3 Trimmer

With a wealth of practical details and above-average motor power (1,300 W), the MT3 wet trimmer from Renfert demonstrates its quality and also provides high torque even when loaded highly.

The video shows how much power is in this trimmer and how easily even the hardest dental stone is reduced. 
The Renfert power package features a good price-performance ratio and is a reliable unit for model fabrication in dental technology.

Renfert iBooks - Multimedia for your iPad

Renfert iBooks give technicians extensive product information.

Precondition: To use the Renfert iBooks® an Apple iPad®, Apple Mac® or MacBook® with current OS / X is required. To download an iPad®, an Apple computer / laptop or a PC with iTunes® software and Internet access required.


Download your iBooks from the Apple Store here


Renfert Maintenance | Silent Compact: Switch on Threshold

With a few steps you can calibrate the switch-on treshold of our single workplace suction unit SILENT compact for suction power at the right moment.

Renfert Maintenance | SILENT compact: Change fine filter

To change the fine filter of our SILENT compact and compactCAM suction units is easy and quick. In the video we show you how it is done.


iFlex by TCS: Finish and Polish

A step-by-step video of how to finish and polish iFlex by TCS

Tecnoflask by Keystone - Tutorial

From the makers of Tecnoflask: Watch how this microwavable muffle can process your denture work in just minutes!

The TF-100 muffle will give your laboratory a cleaner environment and make the process more enjoyable for the production of your work. Included with the kit and available separately is the PL-100 protection plate, which extends the muffle’s service life with extra needed protection.

Features of Tecnoflask include:
• Acrylic material designed for use in microwave
• Cannot be damaged by exertion of pressure
• Polymerization time shortened to four minutes
• Used in the making of total upper and lower dental prostheses
• No isolating material needed between the muffle and the plaster
• Does not require a specific resin